Monday, 20 February 2012

Rukka Arma S

When it comes to motorcycle clothing, it doesn't get more premium than Rukka. It may be expensive, but you certainly get your money's worth, as this poster so helpfully demonstrates. Look at all the noteworthy features! Sarcasm aside though, this really is quality stuff.

So, when I was thinking about the style of the poster, I looked towards the high-end of the market, right up to bespoke tailors. And one thing kept popping up: visible stitching. This type of thing suggests class and an investment in quality and higher levels of comfort and safety. You'll notice that each of the feature circles have a double stitch outline to reflect this.

The fluorescent coloured stripes down the side are an obvious connection to the high-vis panels on the jacket. The background colour was chosen to emphasise the luminosity of these panels.

Had to do a bit of a cut out job on the model to put him on the dark background. This is not something I am particularly keen on because it is very difficult to get a clean finish, especially around the hair. This isn't much of an issue when it comes to web content and small prints. However, on anything larger than A4, your leftover pixels are gonna be about as inconspicuous as the honey monster riding the Northern line to Waterloo. Nonetheless, I gave it a good go and hopefully the finished article does the jacket a bit of justice.

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