Monday, 6 February 2012


Now here's a musical duo who are insanely cool. Not only that but Chromeo's brand of electro-funk is nothing short of genius. I would say that it's a throwback to the electro of the 80s, but that would simply be an insult. This is far better.

I was lucky enough to see them live in London last November and it was the most entertaining gig I've ever been to. Honestly. if you ever get the chance, don't hesitate. Heck, I'll come with you.
These lads know what it means to be performers; their energy and skill on a stage is like nothing I've seen before. They also know what it means to be cool, and it's not in your face or over the top. It's a chilled out and slick operation, and that is what I wanted to come across in this piece.
Now I've finished spouting off about my crush on these guys I'll get down to the design...
As you may have noticed with most of my other designs, I like to keep things simple and uncluttered. 
My initial intention was to make everything with straight lines but this just didn't work for the sunglasses. Their shape looked a little bit too abstract for this design and so I had to concede a few curves. That wasn't too much of a problem because the glasses were meant to be quite a pronounced feature and this probably enhances that. I often have a bit of difficulty with lighting and shadows, and this design proved no different. The nose was a particularly troublesome area and I must have gone through about a dozen different shadow styles before I was happy with the look. For most of the design I made each part on one half, duplicated it, flipped it horizontally and then put it in place on the opposite side for the symmetrical look.

If I get a bit of time I'll start working on a similar thing for P-Thugg (the other, shorter one).

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