Monday, 6 February 2012

Insanity Radio Logo

The student radio at my university (Royal Holloway) recently held a competition to re-brand the station with a new logo.

Here are my submissions for both light and dark backgrounds.

One of my initial ideas featured the 'i'  as a person with headphones on, but side on. I showed it to a couple of friends and it took them a little while to figure out what it was so I had to have a bit of a re-think. One of the most important things about a logo is how much of an instant impact it makes. People aren't going to linger in order to decipher the point of it and so I went for a very classic and recognisable headphone design. The Napster logo was one source of inspiration.

I wasn't sure whether the headphones were related closely enough to the radio so I thought about how I could include a radio mast or radio waves. At first I chose the other 'i' and toyed around with that but it just wasn't coming together. It was only through a bit of doodling that I figured out the shape of the 'a' makes a perfect radio mast, especially in the Molot font. 

The design was chosen to be short-listed for voting alongside some very nice creations by other members of the university and wider community. The voting closed a few weeks ago, so fingers crossed it was the preferred choice! 

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