Monday, 8 April 2013

KTM Duke 125/200 Powerparts

A few weeks ago, the 2013 KTM Powerparts catalogue was left on my desk with a post-it note with the simple message of "FYI" on it. Despite the relatively vague instruction, I guessed that I had been tasked with populating our webshop with items from the catalogue and producing some marketing material for them. It's what I usually end up doing so it was a fair enough assumption.

The catalogue is divided by bike model and the first one was the Duke 125/200 because it is the lowest spec bike that KTM manufacture. Nonetheless, it still has over 60 genuine accessories attributed to it, so I had a fair bit of work creating stock files before I could even begin with the web banner below.

As you can see, KTM like orange...a lot.

I wanted to relay just how much choice there was for one bike, so fitted in almost every item available onto the banner. It took the best tetris based skills I could muster to make them fit in a relatively uniform way.

When that was all done, I played around with how I could put the text onto such a busy background and settled with a nice translucent strip and then a couple of wonky square outlines ...because KTMs are edgy.

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