Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Maidstone Honda Website Design

In just a matter of weeks, Maidstone will be graced with the presence of a brand new Honda motorcycle dealership just outside the town, next door to the Maidstone Harley-Davidson shop.

The dealership will be focused exclusively on the Honda brand and therefore it will have a dedicated website, facebook page, twitter profile etc.

I was asked to come up with a preliminary design for the website that the developers could use to start building it. It was made entirely in illustrator which means that all the components you see in the image below are vector images and won't lose resolution.

I also made a design that showed how the page should interact when each part was hovered over and clicked; including embossed buttons, colour changes and transparency effects.

To fill the gap before the website goes live, it was decided that we needed a single "Coming Soon" page that linked users to social networks and the forthcoming newsletter. As word gets out that there will be a new Honda dealership in Maidstone, it is important that people can connect with us ahead of the opening date so we have a good amount of leads and get the ball rolling as soon as the doors open.

It was important to keep it simple so people are aware that a bigger and better site is under construction, but interesting enough that they don't navigate away and forget all about it.
I thought it would be a nice touch to have a gallery of the shop build to document the progress and keep people up to date.

Facebook Profile Picture & Cover Photo


Leo Fedorcio said...

I like this a lot. Good work C.P!

Charles Pearce said...

Cheers boss, I tried really hard.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Did you design this union jack picture yourself?
I'd like to talk business regarding this image.